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Define Design Deliver

Great Process : Great Design

Building a relationship with a foundation of trust and clear communication between the client and designer is crucial in the production of exceptional work.

Every design project is a custom enterprise requiring the ability to ask the right questions and the flexible thinking to find the best solution.

Time is precious, keeping focus with a clear process is essential for all parties in the design process to get value from the transaction.

A business engages design services at a certain stage in their commercial cycle. Often at the start of a new venture or at the point where the business is looking to re-evaluate itself in the marketplace.

Working with a variety of clients gives the designer a unique perspective into the needs of different businesses that can translate across sectors.

There are only good examples. Good examples of what to do and good examples of what not. We condese each of these lessons into our design process, that is constantly being refined with each client's project we undertake.


Defining the project's goal, by asking apt questions and following up with solid research, creates a roadmap to achieve the best possible outcome.

1: Design brief

  • Our Prospective client is sent a Design Brief, that is taloired to suit thier project type
  • The client gathers their information and ideas outlined in the brief
  • Design interview to discuss the answers or fill out the Design Brief together

2: Project Outline and Quote

  • We assess your project, budget, time schedule, and if we are a suitable match to work together
  • We then come back with a project outline and quote.
  • 3-7 day turn around

3: Contract and Payment

  • Contract and legal agreements are negotiated and signed
  • Initial payment is made by the client
  • We start work

4 Research, analysis and strategy

  • We research your brand, product and competitors
  • We develop a design strategy for your project
  • We send you this conceptual plan for feedback and iterations


Good Design is an elegant and efficient solution to a unique set of challenges. Beauty and simplicity are qualities we strive to resonate in our productions

5: Drafts and Protyping

  • Design Drafts are posted online for client review
  • Client gives feedback and comments
  • Client approves the final Draft
  • Second payment is made by the client

6: Final Draft

  • Final Draft is worked to pixel perfection
  • Reworking the project at this stage is an extension of the contract and will incur extra charges
  • Final work is checked for errors
  • Roll out strategy is accessed and locked in with the client


Working with a variety of clients, gives us the ability to crossover experience into deploying and delivering standout final products.

7: Finished Product and roll out

  • Your product is put into the wild
  • We monitor the roll out
  • Feedback and Project Evaultion

8: Guidelines and resource management

  • Design Guidelines are created for Client
  • Final project resources are shared with the client
  • We get paid our final payment

9: Everyone is Happy

  • We celebrate our friendship and hard work


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